Bong Materials / Pipe Materials


Glass is one of the most popular materials for bong building. Because of its non-porous state glass does not affect the flavours of the smoke. Glass delivers clean, pure hits. It is also very easy to keep a glass bong clean. Most glass bongs are made from Borosilicate Glass or Soft Glass.

Soft Glass is also referred to as soda-lime glass. Because it is made up of other types of glass it is very different in appearance and feel than borosilicate.

Borosilicate Glass is made using silica and boron trioxide as the main glass-forming constituents. Common brands for borosilicate glass are Schott and Pyrex.


Acrylic is an extremely durable material to make bongs from. Most acrylic bongs are made from straight tubes and molded into different shapes. Acrylic bongs normally come in three diameters; 1 inch, 1.5 inch and 2 inch.


Ceramic bongs are available in a wide variety of sizes shapes and colours. This is because of the fact that clay is extremely easy to work with. Bongs made using molds won’t differ in size or shape but each is usually hand painted making each piece unique.


Bamboo is so durable a bamboo bong may last your entire lifetime. Most bamboo bongs are fairly simple straight tubes refined to accommodate comfortable smoking. They are often decorated with engraving, painting, plating and beadwork.


Metal is not often used in bongmaking as newer, lighter and safer materials are being sourced. Because metal is porous it may affect the flavours of the smoke.


Silicone is fast becoming one of the most popular materials for bongs. It’s less expensive to manufacture than many materials currently being used and it’s malleability allows for unlimited shapes, designs and colours.

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